How Maximizing One’s Personal Utility Effects the Economy- Paulina Harwell

Many people choose to maximize their own personal utility over considering what would most beneficial to the economy. This mindset causes economic problems because each individual makes up the economy. In Naked Economics, the author Charles Wheelan states that “Individuals seek to maximize their own utility, which is a concept of happiness, only broader.” In … Continue reading

Applying the Principle of Incentive to Public Education Reform

Education Incentive Emma Odom period 2 Incentive is a founding principle of economics: incentive defines the motivation behind one’s behavior, and thus provides a measure to analyze a person’s interaction with their environment and community.  As noted by Charles Wheelan in the words of Adam Smith, “‘It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, … Continue reading

Can Money Buy Happiness

Can Money Buy Happiness

Lauren DeVore–pd. 5 Can money buy happiness? The general consensus is no, because as the saying goes: “money cannot buy happiness.” However, if this idea is common knowledge, then why do the collective actions of society point against the theory? The actions of both the society as a whole and individuals within the society indicate … Continue reading