Amazon Foods? Amazon buys Whole Foods company

Isabella Arsenault


Amazon foods?

Recently, our beloved has purchased the entire whole foods company for $13.4 billion US dollars. As a company rooted in Technology, Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon, hopes to expand the grocery side of the company. Amazon has previously tried to create a version of online shopping with grocery items but failed primarily because they found that consumers preferred to buy things like meat, fruit, and vegetables in person. A New York Times article explained how Amazon has had a “long-running battle” against Walmart and is always trying to find ways to improve their company over Walmart. However, with this purchase many Whole Foods employees face a fear of losing their jobs amongst all the talk of amazon’s new “droids” and such automated technology. Yet, the company’s spokesperson says Amazon does not plan to replace the jobs of cashiers with their “Amazon Go” technology. Amazon Go has opened two drive through stores in which people order online and pick up goods at a store window making it easier and more time efficient to shop, which seems like Amazons main goal. As a frequent Whole foods shopper I wonder of the possible effects on customers by this purchase. Whole foods is kind of known for their very personal, holistic lifestyle and vibe, something a robot cannot give. I do think however that amazon will respect the values Whole Foods has grown on and will most likely not change very much in stores apart from maybe updated technology to make it more efficient. I mean surely they  know that changing too much of the popular store will deficiently cause a shrink in the cult like family whole foods has created by promoting a healthier, happier lifestyle not just for individuals but also for families as a whole. Although this deal is huge Amazon and Whole foods’ partnering will still only make up 3.5%of grocery spending in the United States but Amazon is hoping to make shopping more accessible to a wider area of people, increasing spending, and moving them up in the rankings for nations largest- grocery store which they are currently in fifth place. From my perspective, the only reason Whole Foods is so behind is because of their high costs of natural foods which can be purchased right down the street at a sprouts for half the price. Since prices are so high, shoppers turn away making it a less popular stop for the middle to lower class citizens of the United States. Hopefully, Amazons partnering with Whole Foods brings vast improvement to the grocery store industry and shopping experience overall. I truly believe Amazon is going to be even more of a technological shopping pioneer than it already is.


Wingfield, Nick, and Michael J. De La Merced. “Amazon to Buy Whole Foods for $13.4 Billion.” The New York Times. June 16, 2017. Accessed June 26, 2017.


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