How to Improve Human Capital


Analee Austin HB- Aparicio morning – Human capital is the sum total of skills embodied within an individual. (1) This doesn’t just include natural born skills. This includes education, intelligence, and our own natural work vigor. (1) Human capital is what drives productivity in our economy and creates wealth. So, what can our nation do in order to help increase human capital?

What is the main difference between me and Mark Zuckerburg? Our measure of human capital. Mark Zuckerburg is a computer programmer and internet entrepreneur who was a student at Harvard University, one of the top schools in the country, where he began his computer networking creation. In just a short amount of time, Zuckerburg was able to make his dorm room experiment a billion dollar empire. With the creation of Facebook, he was named one of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world, and today has a net worth of 63.7 billion dollars. (2) Me? I’m just a young girl in Dallas, Texas, working part-time as a lifeguard, and attending Ursuline Academy. My human capital is considerably less than Mark Zuckerberg’s. He has more experience, more education, and more talent in the computer programming field than I. However, what is the difference between me and a high school drop out? I am a 17 year old going to a college preparatory high school in Dallas, Texas, working towards college. A high school dropout’s ability to work at the places I will be able to is limited because of their lack of education. Human capital is a very important part of our nation’s growth and economy therefore, how do we ensure that human capital continually increases?

Although many actors contribute to one’s human capital, I believe that it begins with education. “Sometimes those individuals have natural talent; more often they have acquired their skills through specialized training and education.” (1) Rarely are people born with the skills and talents to create what Mark Zuckerberg created. Not even Zuckerberg could have accomplished what he did without his knowledge of computer programing gained from high school and college.   By providing better education, we could increase our entire country’s human capital. To do this we should first help those students who attend low income schools in America. Every student, regardless of zip code, deserves a good education. (3) Teach for America is a national program that recruits qualified college graduates and trains them to become successful teachers to those students in low income schools. Through the program, college students are able to learn the tricks and skills to become amazing teachers in low income areas and are help young children reach their full potential.

Education is just one of the many factors that play into human capital. If we truly want to change our human capital we not only need to look at education, but also every individual’s moral virtues, determination, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. Our productivity and our country’s future depends on it.


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