Live, Love, Medicine

Savana Spitz, Aparicio, HB, PM. The medical field is constantly growing, discovering new vaccinations, procedures and cures, but are those doctors and other care givers working for the love and hope to cure or are they just looking forward to their paycheck? This is a question that has crossed many patients mind recently and is making them wonder if the medical field is being turned into a “check chase”. The medical field is supposed to be a field that is dedicated to the betterment of the community and rooted in solving all medical world problems. While many doctors do live up to their medical field alma mater, there are several who do not and change patients’ views on the medical field.1

According to a medical blogger on Future Proof, MD. there are several reasons why doctors are losing their love to cure and are just in it for the money.2 He discusses how greed, commercial pressure, lack of satisfaction and non-meaningful wealth are the highest reasons why a doctor loses interest.3 More and more families are encouraging their kids to study medicine in college because they know their kids will be well off after school, but do we really want our future medical staff to say their only reason of becoming part of the medical field is because “My mommy said I should” or “I want to own a Porsche”? NO. Aristotle says, “men have been ruined by wealth” and that “those who direct their desires and actions by reason will gain much profit from the knowledge of these matters.”4 If we focus so much on wealth we will lose the entertainment of the real world. Emotions should be a requirement in a job because without real passion, a job is pointless.5

Removing a brain tumor can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $700,000.6 Does that clear up any confusion as to why doctors really like the money aspect of being a doctor? Research shows that 25 to 40 percent of the time during a doctor’s appointment the doctor brings up money.7 This shocking fact is the reason why patients are feeling neglected. Harvard economist David Cutler believes that “The physician should only be looking out for the health interest of the patient and that’s what the sanctity of the exam room is about.”8 The relationship between a doctor and his patient has to be strong for success, otherwise there is miscommunication and distraction of the goal.9

The doctors who decide not to put their heart and soul into their profession ruin the medical field’s reputation, similar to how one bad apple ruins the bunch. An occupation, whether that is a physician or even an artist, has to be so driven that his “feelings rule his life and directs all desires”.10 Instead of forcing millennials to be doctors they should be given more opportunities to see all aspects of a field. If society is going to continue to move forward with a positive attitude the community has to be built off of strong professionals who care about the overall good of their community.

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