Why Failure Leads to Success

Why failure leads to success

Isabella Arsenault.

Every decision we make has an opportunity cost. When we take a chance, sometimes it can lead to failure and the opportunity cost is our success but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Although failure may lead to more problems temporarily, eventually though we will see vast improvement, proving that failure is necessary for success in the end. With every mistake we make, a lesson is learned and therefore we improve for the next time we attempt something new. As we grow older and continue to develop because of the experiences we have. Through our experiences, we grow in maturity and we learn the values we need to succeed further in life. Although we try our best to avoid failure we would not be as developed technologically as we are today. For example, reportedly Thomas Edison tried over one thousand times to create the lightbulb until he was finally successful. Yet, despite his misfortunes, he would still always say that the lightbulb was simply an invention with over one thousand steps. In order to keep stamina and force ourselves past these failures, we must take risks without fearing the possible repercussions, failures, and consequences because none of those things are bad. In fact, all of them are quite necessary for progression and advancement. Our society was built on progress and still continues to be based on progress. As evident that we are a society that measures success by advancements such as in technology, as if one iPhone wasn’t enough the producers of Apple kept going to create and improve new iPhone unlike anything before. Now, most of us would be unable to live without our beloved phones because they make it easier for us to be productive, connect, and succeed a common trend and desire in today’s society. After being constantly reminded by previous generations that failure is not an option, the true millennials and youth of today have proven them to be more than wrong. If you truly think about it, there are over thousands of inventions not created, cures not found, and cities not built just because those with the potential to create something so advanced or necessary did not even begin to attempt many different things due to the possibility of failure, which seemed to be one of the greatest set backs known to man in the past. Too often does our fear stop us from maximizing our utility. The fault with our fear is it leads to the wrong kind of failure we are unable to benefit from in any way. Fear prevents possibilities and introduces failure immediately, causing an inefficient dilemma. However, if we popularized a more positive way of introducing failure as the first step to success it would lead to the greater good for years to come.

Estrem, Pauline. “Why Failure Is Good for Success.” SUCCESS. August 25, 2016. Accessed June 20, 2017. http://www.success.com/article/why-failure-is-good-for-success.



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