Should I be in Charge?

SK Hatcher

Should I be in charge?

A common topic of discussion in our third period class has been whether or not we feel it right that the American people had no say in who runs the federal reserve. As has been said in the class, this person single handedly has the power to crash the entire world economy. Charles Weelan says in his book Naked Economics, that “The federal reserve has tools with more direct impact on the global economy than any other institution in the world” And yet, she was not elected by the people, and yet she handles , arguably, both our greatest asset and the majority of the citizens finances.

The book Naked Economics by Charles Weealn addresses this topic well, and I find it prominent here at Ursuline. There is that lingering feeling as a teenager that we all have that says “nobody understands”, or “nobody listens”, and that is likely a result as to who’s in power. We the girls of Ursuline had no say in electing who made the majority of our decisions for us. The administration and dean’s office have ultimate control over our futures, and they realistically have the power to crash this school to the ground. If the student body of Ursuline Academy is an economy, the Dean’s office is the fed. They decide when we come or go, and most importantly, they decide exactly where our money goes. And this means absolutely no offence towards Kayla Brown. I respect and love her with all of my heart, and given the opportunity to elect her, I would jump on it. However, this is just lucky and not the case at many other schools. In a learning environment, like a high school, there is always someone there to make all decisions for us, and I suppose that’s just something we have to get used to.

This in and of itself also poses the counter argument- “why are they smart enough to make their own decisions?” How do we qualify? In the economy, we are quite insignificant, and better-yet, just a tad dumb with money due to our privilege, class, or education. So is it necessary to have someone appointed to make these decisions because the American people as a whole can’t make decent choices. The same applies to Ursuline. We are all so young, barely any of us are even eighteen. Does our age impair our judgment? Are we not even intelligent enough to elect someone or make any financial decisions? The answer is simple, it depends on who you ask.

1] Wheelan, Charles J. Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science. New York: W. W. Norton, 2010.


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