Brave New World vs. Aristotle

By: Jackie Grindinger Period 1 HB Imagine yourself in a new world, a different world, a world where there are no problems or conflicts, no sin nor corruption, nothing but control and abundance.  Would you like to live in this world?  Maybe so, a world without suffering or anguish sounds intriguing, does it not?  This … Continue reading

Make It Rain

Make It Rain

Ashley Rushing Period 1 Make It Rain  Money, money, money. With money everything is possible, right? You can own a fancy yacht, a house that’s entirely too big, and of course, be happy…right? That’s exactly what our consumerist society has taught us so well, but to most everyone’s surprise, money actually cannot do all of … Continue reading

I, Pencil & America

Dominique Goncalves Period 4 I, Pencil and America Ever since the creation of the assembly line, the creation of products we use today no one person knows how to make. Due to the ever growing population and the demand for jobs, the tasks to create something are split up into many parts so more people … Continue reading