A Possible Solution For World Hunger: GMO’s (Tori Flaherty)

Before this project, I had always associated GMO’s with causing dietary problems, but never had any evidence to back those beliefs up. Now that I’ve researched GMO’s, I know that there’s nothing wrong with them. They have just been modified using biotechnology. In fact, they could be the solution to world hunger. Genetic modification of crops allows them to grow more abundantly and efficiently.



Specifically, after research, I’ve realized what a key function canola plays in our lives, providing people with essential healthy fats and oils. Without genetic engineering, the use of canola would not have ever been possible. Canola is the modified version of the crop known as rapeseed. I would definitely advise the congresswoman to propose canola for the third world country. People there are dying from starvation, and canola can be their solution. Canola can be grown on arid land that is usually not thought of as usable land for agriculture, making it a valuable crop. It is also incredibly versatile. In addition to being used for consumption, canola can be used for animal feed and biofuel, making it very useful in all aspects of life. I do believe, though, that a variety of seeds should be given to this country in order to ensure that they have a more balanced diet and receive all the nutrients necessary. A variety in crops also prevents dependency on one crop, which can be very harmful if that crop is affected by a disease, like what happened in Ireland during the potato famine. Either way, genetically modified crops should definitely not be discounted due to the fact that they have been modified. The modifications have only occurred to make the crops better, not harmful. It is time that Americans learned the truth. 


2 thoughts on “A Possible Solution For World Hunger: GMO’s (Tori Flaherty)

  1. Great work! I enjoyed how you talked about the different uses for canola oil, and why that crop should be chosen in particular. I also liked how you pointed out that a variety of different crops may be a better option, and I completely agree. Good job using real life examples like your research on Ireland! -Alexandra Fincher

  2. I found this really interesting to read. I had never really thought of where canola comes from but it is used in almost everything. I think you really made a strong point for why it should be picked as a crop for the country. I like your offer for different crops and the reference to the potato famine. -Megan Danko

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