What’s All the Hype About Genetically Modified Foods? (Maxine Seif)

Food 2Before doing extensive research and discovering the pros and cons that are involved with genetically modified organisms, I always believed that they were such a positive and beneficial solution to some of our world’s greatest problems concerning health, nutrition, and the economy. I used to think that the implementation of genetically modified foods was such a clear, obvious, and simple resolve. If there was any problem with unsuitable climate conditions, or disease infestation, a plant or organism could simply be altered to sustain life in whatever settings and environments need be. I, however, was quite mistaken about the elaborate, complicated process of biologically manipulating an organism to function in a ways that are convenient to humanity.

I found that the genetic modification of organisms is a rather preliminary and experimental proposition that has a large number of unexplored risks associated with it. There hasn’t been nearly enough research and experimentation done with biological genetic modification in order to prove that it can realistically be used as a safe, effective solution to the world’s problems of poverty, malnutrition, and economic instability due to agriculture. I understand how great the rewards might be if these processes prove successful and I am optimistic to see how researches and scientists progress with their work on genetic modification, but I am skeptical that some people are developing overly presumptuous ideas about how soon and how well genetic modification of organisms will work. I believe that in the future with much, much more experimentation and research that GMO’s could greatly enhance the world’s economy and reduce the amount of impoverished people in our world, but I am not putting blind faith in  the hopes that it will solve world hunger and all the problems in the economy.

To Congresswoman Stephanie da Silva, I would inform her that with more research and experimentation, one day, the application of genetically modified organisms will prove very beneficial to not only the impoverished people of the world, but also to the world’s economy as a whole. On the other hand, I will strongly advise her to proceed with caution as far as raising the hopes of other countries and people who could benefit from the production of GMO’s. There are far too many undiscovered risks at the moment for her to bring this up as a realistic resolution for impoverished countries. I believe that she needs to invest more time and research into genetically modified organisms, before she even considers them as a solution.


2 thoughts on “What’s All the Hype About Genetically Modified Foods? (Maxine Seif)

  1. Maxine, I agree that in order for biologically engineered foods to be as safe as some people presume they are, much more research needs to be done. However, I think enough research has been done to prove that they are safe enough to be released into the food market. I like your idea, though, of proposing that she spend allow more time to be spent for research, as her decision would affect many lives. -Nikki Nolan

    • Maxine, I not only enjoyed and agreed with your blog post, but learned so much more about what genetically modified foods can do for us. With not enough knowledge about GMOs, I had a different initial stance, fully supporting the GMO process. However, after reading your blog, I still believe that GMOs can enhance our economy, but we should not depend on it to solve world hunger and all the problems in the economy. Although these engineered, fancy processes may seem to have solution to problems concerning health and nutrition, it is smart to be aware of the risks and liabilities that may come along with further research. However, I do agree, right now, that it may be beneficial for our country and its problems with poverty and malnutrition. I like your idea about informing Congresswoman Stephanie Da Silva about the benefits of GMOs and the importance of more research and experimentation. I believe that she will agree with your idea after hearing the benefits and risk of GMOs and make the right decision for the future of our country. – Jenny Trinh

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