Genetically Modified Potatoes: The Power of Biotechnology (Nikki Nolan)

Before completing this task, I was against the production and consumption of genetically modified organisms.  I was uniformed and thought that “genetically modified” meant mutations and completely altered DNA.  I never considered the engineering used to modify foods as a technological advancement; I saw the technology as a scary development by scientists. The sound of “genetically modified” had an extremely negative connotation in my mind, and I viewed the foods and organisms to be unnatural and therefore unhealthy. Surprisingly, through this project I found that these foods actually offer a multitude of positive effects that could benefit the world.

Through my research while doing this task, I have gained a ton of knowledge about GMOs, their economic and nutritious aspects, and their engineering, advantages, and risks.  I now understand that GMOs actually make a positive impact in the world. They can be engineered to include more nutrients than naturally grown crops, and they are also made to last longer and yield greater amounts of crops. Due to these advancements, genetically modified crops provide a way for developing countries to provide their population with a sustainable and healthy food source. I also learned that crops that are used to make other products, such as the potato producing starch, can be modified so that the crop can be used more efficiently, which will decrease production costs. Even though some risks and disadvantages are involved while engineering genetically modified organisms, the benefits definitely outweigh the risks. Therefore, due to my discovery of data and facts that demonstrated all of the positive impacts of GMOs, my stance has changed; I believe that GMOs are not unhealthy and that growing GMOs would be a progressive step forward.

Therefore, I would advise the congresswoman to support the delegate and provide the money to subsidize the purchase of genetically modified seeds. Farmers would benefit more from receiving genetically modified seeds instead of natural seeds, as the genetically modified food would produce a greater yield of crop and therefore the farmer’s land would be used more efficiently, and the farmer would make an even greater economic gain. Also, due to the diverse spectrum of uses of potatoes, the potato crop would be especially advantageous. The genetically modified potatoes would be a sustainable source of food for the developing country, as they would be engineered to resist bruising and they would last longer. Also, they do not require refrigeration. The potato could be engineered to include more vitamins and minerals, improving the health of many of the country’s citizens. Overall, by providing funding, the developing country would not only improve the livelihood of its citizens, but also improve their economic status.

In addition to the initial proposition, I would advise the congresswoman to consider offering to help the country sort its finances in order to make enough money off of the potatoes to pay for the damages and effects of the civil war. She could send the delegate to offer help and advice about exports and production costs. Overall, by providing the funds to subsidize the purchase of GMO seeds, the entire country would benefit from the economic and nutritional advantages.



5 thoughts on “Genetically Modified Potatoes: The Power of Biotechnology (Nikki Nolan)

  1. I really enjoyed your post! I never knew the benefits of GMOs or how they can help mass production of foods, making farming easier. – Lauren Fisher

  2. Nikki, I really like your idea about showing the congresswoman a little background on the process of genetically engineering food. That way, she can look at the facts of why genetically modified foods are beneficial and also understand the actual engineering behind the process. – Jenny Trinh

  3. Wow, I never knew genetically modified foods were so beneficial! They seem like a really good idea to help solve the issue of food scarcity in developing countries. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the comments, guys! I’m glad that I could help your understanding of the benefits of genetically modified organisms. – Nikki

  5. I completely agree with your proposition of choosing potatoes as the most effective genetically modified crop to help the developing country reduce the amount of impoverished people and to reduce some unnecessary costs that are taking a toll on the country’s economy, such as processing and refrigeration of foods. All that said, I would not advise the Congresswoman to proceed with providing the genetically modified potato seeds until a few trial runs have proven that there will be no negative repercussions caused by the use of these seeds.
    -Maxine Seif

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