BT Corn: A Golden Miracle (Olivia McKee)

BT Corn: A Golden Miracle (Olivia McKee)

To be honest, before starting this project I knew virtually nothing about genetically modified foods. I never knew any of the benefits of genetically modified crops; all I ever heard about them was that they were unnatural and therefore unhealthy or even toxic. Instead of actually researching the specifics of the GMO foods, I simply tried to stay clear of them. I was never extremely passionate about either advocating for or against the GMO foods because I didn’t know enough about them, and I thought there were tons of artificial and processed foods that we eat every day that are probably just as bad for you or worse. After researching BT corn, I have developed a more comprehensive understand of what GMO foods are. As a result, my view about them has actually shifted towards a more positive view of them. BT corn is a type of corn that is genetically modified to produce a protein (Bacillus thuringiensis) that acts like a pesticide, therefore protecting the crops from pests that can cost farmers millions of dollars and kill tons of corn. This protein has proven to be harmless to humans, but it can save farmers much time, effort, and even money.

I would advise the congresswoman to fund the BT corn because it would boost crop production in the drought stricken country and provide more food for the starving people. Although environmentalists may argue against BT corn on the grounds that the BT produced can end up contaminating nearby plants, I believe that producing enough food for the starving nation should take precedence. Also, I think that in the same way the BT produced by the corn itself could contaminate surrounding plants, so any pesticide sprayed on normal corn to protect them could contaminate surrounding plants; therefore, neither the BT corn nor the normal corn is better for the surrounding flora. I would also tell the congresswoman to research the landscape of the country more carefully to make sure that the BT corn would thrive in the drought stricken land because if the corn didn’t grown, then spending millions of dollars on the seeds would be a total waste. That being said, assuming the terrain is suitable for the growth of the corn, I would tell the congresswoman to fund the BT corn seeds and send them over to the impoverished country. In addition I would advise her to make sure that the farmers were equipped with all of the necessary tools and machinery to properly nurture and harvest the corn (and provide them with said tools if they are lacking) and to ensure an extensive system is put in place for transportation of fresh corn to towns and cities all over the country so as to maximize the effect of the new crops. If these seeds are nurtured properly and distributed across the country, I believe that the BT corn will make a huge impact on the starving nation.


2 thoughts on “BT Corn: A Golden Miracle (Olivia McKee)

  1. I think you make a good point in stating that the BT produced by the genetically modified corn would not harm the land anymore than natural, organic corn! This is important to mention because the media often times exploits the issues of GMOs without ever bringing to attention the fact that natural crops can also pose harmful effects. In addition, the BT corn that you researched seems very beneficial for the developing country! The protein-rich corn seems like it would give a nutritional boost to the people’s meals and would combat world hunger.
    – Laura Van Buskirk

  2. I completely agree with your point that the positive effects of BT corn far outweigh the potential negative effects. However, one main problem with just corn in general is its nutritional value to the population of the country. Like rice and other grains, corn is high in carbohydrates and contains only a small amounts of fat and protein. Therefore, do you think it would be more beneficial for the country to plant another genetically modified crop like soybeans, for example, which are high in both fat and protein?
    -Madison Schoeberl

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