Golden Rice: A GMO to Cure Blindness (by Blair Beckham)


            Before this Task, I was completely against any use of GMOs in food, not because I knew what they were, but mostly because they just didn’t sound very natural or healthy to me. I thought, like many others ignorant about GMOs, that they would cause cancer, cause human mutations, or something horrible. Little did I know that they could be so beneficial, especially to developing countries with starving people.

           Now, I think GMOs are vital in our future and especially the near future in developing countries. I feel that some countries simply do not have the resources to provide for all of their people and need certain GMOs to guarantee a healthy diet for its citizens. My views completely changed; because I found out that there aren’ttive aspects of GMOs other than the negative connotation society gives it. The only difficult things that are presented by the use of GMOs are the cost and effort to get them implemented in a struggling society. It makes it extremely difficult when most people do not support GMOs before they even know the benefits.  My perspective completely changed when I saw how these foods, such as Golden Rice, can do almost nothing but good to a developing society with hungry people going blind from the lack of a simple nutrient: Vitamin A.

                If I were to advise the congresswoman about her proposition, I would say that GMOs are worth investigating and worth supporting, because the more support they can get, the better the technology will become and will allow the production of GMOs to become much cheaper and allow more developing countries a chance to fight hunger. Also, specifically, Golden Rice is such an important discovery that could help with the number of children going blind with the lack of Vitamin A in their diets. I simply do not see a negative reason that is more important than the help of these innocent children. I believe that there may not be another solution to this problem, GMOs are a relatively new scientific discovery and need to be used as an advantage instead of seen as a hazardous waste.

                If the cost of Golden Rice seems too high, then it should still be introduced to society, just on a smaller scale. Maybe mixing a regular type of rice with the Golden Rice would be more beneficial then not introducing it at all. Giving some source of Vitamin A is better than giving no help. In the meantime, it is very important to continue research with GMOs because so many more discoveries could be found that could eradicate hunger for the entire future!



3 thoughts on “Golden Rice: A GMO to Cure Blindness (by Blair Beckham)

  1. Great post! Golden rice definitely seems like the perfect solution to people in developing countries who are lacking Vitamin A. The ability of Golden rice to cure blindness would also improve their quality of life dramatically! I like that your alternative would still help great numbers of people but on a smaller scale! – Diane Chen

  2. Yes I completely changed my perspective on GMOs, I am glad I had to look into them for this project! And Diane, yes I really think that this should be implemented into the real world because it really could help a lot of people and cure blindness!
    -Blair Beckhan

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