What’s All the Hype About Genetically Modified Foods? (Maxine Seif)

Before doing extensive research and discovering the pros and cons that are involved with genetically modified organisms, I always believed that they were such a positive and beneficial solution to some of our world’s greatest problems concerning health, nutrition, and the economy. I used to think that the implementation of genetically modified foods was such … Continue reading

Genetically Modified Soybeans: Skeptical of this “Savior in a Seed” (Madeline Lynn)

I have always been a forward thinker, looking towards the future for the possibilities of where technology and science will take us next. When I first heard of GMO, or genetically modified organisms,  I thought it was exciting and the next milestone towards a more innovative society where food shortages or limitations would no longer … Continue reading

Food Source and Biofuel: the Versatility of Rapeseed (Laura Van Buskirk)

Prior to completing this task, I, like many, was unaware of the truth about genetically modified organisms and imagined them to be overly processed and unnatural foods treated with pesticides and artificial flavors. My initial uninformed opinion was that consuming GMOs can lead to detrimental illnesses like cancer. I had always imagined organic foods to … Continue reading

Genetically Modified Potatoes: The Power of Biotechnology (Nikki Nolan)

Before completing this task, I was against the production and consumption of genetically modified organisms.  I was uniformed and thought that “genetically modified” meant mutations and completely altered DNA.  I never considered the engineering used to modify foods as a technological advancement; I saw the technology as a scary development by scientists. The sound of … Continue reading