Obama Care through Aristotle’s Eyes

Jessica Mitchell

Period 3

Recently there has been a large amount of chatter in the realm of media that relates to The Affordable Care Act, other known as Obama Care, the purpose of all the rumblings related to this has been to try to make sense of and to determine if the Affordable Care Act is a good or bad policy for the United States of America and the people who live in it. I ask myself the same question: Is the Affordable Care Act the right choice for America? This post consists of my thoughts on Obama Care based on the information we are provided by the government. Since in the last millennium many people have turned to Aristotle to determine what decisions will help one achieve one’s final end, according to Aristotle’s definition, I was thinking that I should look to Aristotle to determine the whether or not I believe that the Affordable Care Act will help us fulfill according to the Aristotle’s definition.
So that we are all on the same page before I begin my rant we need to determine two things. First what is Aristotle’s definition of achieving our function and our final end? Then secondly we need to know exactly what The Affordable Care Act actually is and what President Obama’s goal is in putting the Affordable Care Act in effect. First of all, Aristotle says that in order to fulfil your function as a human being you much live in accordance to reason, whereas most people would think that the human function is to be happy or be rich and successful. Whatever you personally think is the human function put it aside for the remainder of this post. We are now looking through the lens of Aristotle! The Affordable Care Act (Health Care Reform) is a health care plan made for the United States that’s goal is to reform the American health care system, hence, why it can be called the Health Care Reform. Obama’s intention for Obama Care (personally I think naming it after himself was a little narcissistic) is to provide more people in America with affordable health insurance. This is said to improve the quality of Health Care (I have my own opinions on this matter).This health care system is different in the way that now your insurance company is not allowed to drop you or deny you because of a pre exiting condition nor are they allowed to raise your insurance premiums for uncontrollable elements you may have in your life, such as being a woman.
All that I have stated above sounds great right? The Affordable Care Act leaves no man behind. Not only does it not leave any man behind but it is also cheap and it supports equality within the American health care system! But don’t be naïve people! That is the information the government provides for us, do you honestly believe there is not negative effects relating to Obama Care? There has to be, I’m not saying that the negatives out weight he positives, but what I am saying is that I am going to find out.
Does the Affordable Car Act coincide with what Aristotle feels in the function of a human being?
The Affordable Care Act has attributes that do contribute to United States citizens living in accordance to reason. This includes the simple fact that it will provide many more Americans with health care insurance. This is living in accordance to reason because it is logical that all Americans should have health care. Why? All Americans should have health care because there are health issues that arise in people’s lives they that do not plan for financially. No one plans to have cancer, or any other life changing disease that could cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to treat. It just makes sense for American to have health insurance! The only problem with this is how we achieve all of America having health insurance. The Affordable Care Act also increases people protection in the realm of health insurance and health care. This means that they are going to protect the people from getting dropped by their insurance company because of mistakes written when giving the company your general information, or from dropping you while you are sick. It also means that they can’t deny people insures because of life limits or because of a pre existing condition. Also because of the new laws that the act entails people who feel they have been unjustly treated by their health insurance provider have more ways and guidelines to sue or take legal action because the new Affordable Care Acts laws are so clean-cut. The fact that companies cannot deny you insurance because of a pre –existing condition agrees with Aristotle because it is reasonable to say that because most health conditions are not preventable that people should not have to be punished for them. Also it is in accordance to reason to have laws that are clear-cut enough that when taking legal action one person actually stands a chance when going against a huge company in court. For these reasons I do believe that Aristotle would be okay with being pro the Affordable Care Act. However we cannot ignore the reasons Aristotle might not have chosen to be pro the Affordable Care Act.
For every reason I listed above there is a negative effect. Just like Newton’s third law: for every action there is an equal and OPPOSITE reactions. Above I Pointed out that it is logical that all American should have health care but the problem is how we do it. The problem lies in the fact that taxes will raise for the wealthy in order to pay for all the extra Americans that receive health care because of the Affordable Health Care Act. This is NOT logical! It does not make sense to charge people who most likely have their own health insurance to pay more in order to cover the people who have chosen not to get heath insurance (the nonsocial people might I add). I also stated that people get more protection because the insurance companies are unable to deny people with pre-exiting conditions or raise insurance premiums with unjust reasoning. Even though this seems logical, it has negative effects on the country as a whole while having positive effects on the poverty-stricken. Since insurance companies will be required to pay for pre-existing conditions and life-limiting conditions, and are unable to raise insurance premiums for individuals with pre-existing conditions or conditions developed after deciding the premium, the insurance companies are going to require more money. And where do you think they will get this money? Do you think it will magically grow on their trees? No, that is impossible. The money they will be searching for is going to “magically” disappear from the pockets of people who work hard and make an average salary or more because of higher taxes forced on them by the government when the Affordable Care Act is put into action. As you can now see, this is not logical and is not conducive to Aristotle’s definition of fulfilling the human function. Choosing to put forth the Affordable Care Act will indeed help Americans with low incomes acquire health insurance at the expense of the portion of America that has already made the reasonable decision to provide health care for them. Moving forward with this reformed health care system will discriminate against the majority in order to satisfy the minority which means that, by Aristotle’s definition, the United States government will not be living in accordance to reason. Also it will cost more Americans money to fund the lawsuits that will more regularly occur because people will be more capable of suing the large companies.
Now that I have taken the time to research the Affordable Health Care Act, I have seen what it will try to achieve, what it will put into effect and what positive and negatives effects will have on American people and the American governments standing with its people, I have applied these facts to Aristotle’s thought on how to reach the human function and I have come to the conclusion that the Affordable Health Care Act is not in the best interest of American not only because the negative, explained above, outweigh the positives, but also because requiring American to have health insurance makes them unable to live in accordance to reason because their choice to live not in accordance to reason is taken away!

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