China and the Rising Middle Class

Gabby Le Doux Afternoon class Honorbound

Although it can be argued that Communism has good points there are something’s that never happen when a nation becomes Communist. China is a good example. Although they might have followed the Communist Manifesto in the beginning, how China is now shows that something went wrong somewhere down the road. The gap between the middle class and the poor is getting wider and a lot of the middle class is making in the millions. This should not be the case if China is a Communist country. This article is meant to take a look at China and how it has changed since it has become the People’s Republic of China. Does it follow the way of the Communist Manifesto or does it miss the Marx?

China was not always Communist since China existed way before the any Communist ideas were even thought of. Although Russia was first to become Communist on that side of the globe since China is so close it was only a matter of time before china was to follow suit. It was not until the Chinese Civil War, after WWII, that China was under Communist control. Mao Zedong was the leader from the very beginning when he should have stepped down from the position since the Proletarians rose to power. The wealth of production is supposed to be spread evenly through the people but if we look at China today we can see that is not the case. The up and coming middle class is the future of China.

Although most of China still lives in poverty there is a growing middle class that is making way more then there fellow Chinese out in the country. Know it is good to know that the cost of living in China is different than in the United States. This new middle class is also quite young some still in their 20s. The average income for a Chinese citizen living in the city is $5000, some middle class families make even more than that, while those who live in the country and or work at mass producing factories only make around $3 a day this gap between the middle class and the lower class is getting wider and wider. The middle class is ever growing as more and more people are making the higher salary but only about 25% of the population is considered in the middle class group. This middle class is able to purchase high in imports from all the top name brands from Europe to the United States. It has been predicted that in the future this middle class will take up more than half of the population how far in the future these predictions are looking who knows. Now of course this economic growth will not last forever but while the opportunity is there people are taking advantage of it. America is contributing to this economic growth since a lot of its companies are building factories over there for cheap labor and since a lot of the goods that are imported in to the United States come from China. This means that more money is being pumped in to China’s economy. Which is good for the Chinese people and what it means for businesses and the government as a whole.

More and more people are leaving the rural parts of China to join in this economic growth that the cities are experiencing in. If more people are leaving the farms then there will be less people would be making food to sustain the country. This would create more problems since China already had problems with providing enough food for its people now there would be an even bigger problem for China. That would mean that China would have to import most of their food from somewhere else probably the United States. There just isn’t enough farmers to provide for the country. But I guess if I was a farmer and I wasn’t making a lot of money and I saw that I could be making a lot of money be moving in to the city and getting the right job that I could be making a lot more then I already was. Supplying enough money for my family would outweigh the cost of giving up farm land and the products that would go along with it. So it is understandable that people would change from their current job or situation to a new one that would better their lives.

Although socialist and communist idea existed before Marx the book that he and Friedrich Engels wrote summed up the technicalities of Communism. Communism centers around how the working class or the proletarians would over throw the bourgeois, leaders of industrialization, then the wealth would be shared throughout the whole community. The whole idea derives from the thought that there has been a constant class struggle that has been going on since the beginning of time. “Freeman and slaves, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, a fight that each time ended, either in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.” (CM). This struggle would end with the help of Communism but with the case of China. The rising middle class is like the bourgeois and the rest of China’s citizens are the proletariat, even though that is not the case for just for this example, there would be a class struggle in the future that would be what Communism was supposed to eliminate. I would like to assume that the Chinese government has measures that would prevent a “revolt” which comes with a class struggle. The leadership would dissolve and it would new leadership would take control but with all countries that are communist today that is not the case so no country can really be considered fully communist. Many critics of Communism from the time of Karl Marx to now have said that way Communism is supposed to work does not and it is against the nature of industry for it to work that way. Also it needs to be said that no country that is Communist has followed the Communist Manifesto throughout. Written in 1848 the publication was supposed to be the justification as to why Communism is “the way of the future” and how a country would go about becoming a communist state. It was a way to justify and state how a country would go about the changes. .

No one really knows how long the economic boom in China will have but as of right now that middle class is soaring and China is one of the main imports for the United States. I don’t really think that China can be called a fully communist state because of the way it is right now seeing as though there are people still living in extreme poverty and some living in extreme wealth. Now there the future is always uncertain so that means that China could do something to change the way things are now but it is more than likely the government will let it continue the way it is. I feel as though China has missed the mark when it comes to what a communist state is supposed to be. I wonder what Karl Marx would say if he saw how China was today would he like or would shake his head in disgust.

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